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UiPath provides excellent automation management of repetitive processes and allows minimizing human labor in repetitive tasks to focus on others more valuable.

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The expert team

Every team supported by senior IT experts.

+40 software engineers 

+10 Scrum Masters

+3 MBA Executive Managers

The right time

Get an estimate within 48 business hours.

Launch your project rapidly, within 1 to 2 weeks.

Set up your plug & play nearshore structure.

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The fair cost

Over 70% total savings compared to pure onshore teams, 53% compared to offshore outsourcing.

Nearshore wins.

Guarantee of quality.

The convenient 

Vancouver based company.

Branch in Miami,

Software Factory in México City.

Our Industry
Market's facts

The game is changing, enjoy the benefits of a tailor-made application;

Approach & Services


Enable your system's digital transformation through APIs and microservices.


Modernize legacy applications.


Accelerate implementation through Enterprise Agile Development.


Improve Quality through automated & exahustive testing.


Robotic Process Automation with UIPath.


Customer Experience Design and Engineering.


Digital Architecture Advisory.


Business Consulting &application assesment.


Tailor-made solutions - Not From Scratch

Sofware development has never been so practical before RAD. 

Our Rapid Application Development framework for developing robust corporate solutions  enables us for implementing multiindustry applications with half the resources and half the time, offering the same benefits of quality and scalability. Our clients are delivered reliable solutions that effectively fit their business needs.

IT Staff

Our certified staff enables us to deliver high quality software applications, hardening every aspect of a software solution, security, integrity, user experince and compliance.

Professional experienced team, agile methodology, best coding practises & security standards

About us


The tech industry is essential to the success of business, as it provides efficiency and efficacy for operations of companies and institutions when delivering products and services, protecting and analysing data in order to make it useful, crate more value, make investments more attractive as well as protect their assets.

In IT Kapital we develop solutions to make companies work efficiently, whether it is small or large business, we have a range of services and solutions to meet their technological needs, digitization of processes and integration with your existing systems.

Our technical skills combined with the experience and "know how" of the business make the perfect binomial to create software solutions wherever it is required.


Let IT experts enhance your digital services!

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What is Nearshore Outsourcing of Software Development?
The practice of selecting a software development services company located in a nearby country, in preference to a more distant option. This will delegate control of software development projects to a qualified provider that has the right talent, capabilities, time, and resources to handle the required business needs and deliver digital innovation.

Nevertheles, Nearshore  Outsourcing can become Onshore-like, when a local company like IT Kapital, based in Vancouver, is able to sign agreements and commit under local law and rules.

Top 8 Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development to Mexico

  • Canada & USA trading partner

  • Proximity and real time communication

  • Large talent pool

  • USMCA’s IP protection

  • Cost of labor competitiveness

  • High cultural affinity

  • High quality education

  • Growing IT ecosystem

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Tel. +1 778 879 7095

Tel. +1 604 449 2033 

997 Seymour St. Vancouver, BC, V6B 3M1

Centro urbano


Tel. +52 55 1107 6319

Tel. +52 55 6550 1836

Av. Insurgentes Sur 753 Piso 11, Col Nápoles. Ciudad de México, 03810




Tel. +1 708 330 4118

Tel. +1 305 675 9217

175 SW 7th St. Suite 1107

Miami, FL 33130


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