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Robotic Process Automation


How automation helps HR make work worthwhile for humans


There’s still a lot of paperwork involved with finding and hiring employee. We may have recruiting, talent management, and payroll applications with information that we can call up. Unfortunately, those applications and electronic files haven’t made the HR pro’s job easier. They’ve created more information to locate and analyze, more calls to make, more cutting and pasting between incompatible systems.


Creating experiences that make the workplace work better.

The first day of a new job should be an exciting time. You meet your new colleagues. You start learning a new role. You embark on new challenges.

At least that’s the way it should happen. In reality, new employees spend a lot of time learning how to do tasks that don’t add much value.

Tasks like time entry, sick and vacation time requests, and expense reporting. They have to get up to speed on different systems for payroll, health insurance, and retirement benefits. And they probably forget how to do it all and have to relearn it later.

That first day can set the tone for the overall employee experience. With automation, you can make employee experiences smooth and seamless. A robot assistant can guide new employees through entering time, asking for time off, and submitting expense reports. And AI-powered chatbots can give employees instant answers to questions in areas like benefits, company policies—even how to schedule a conference room. The best part: when automation is part of the employee experience, the HR team spends less time on repetitive requests and routine support. Everyone wins.
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