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Robotic Process Automation


How automation gets finance workloads back in balance


Do finance teams get the credit they deserve? Probably not. Just look at all they do. Business planning, compliance, reporting, paying vendors, creating budgets, tracking assets . . . that’s just a partial list.


Finance teams know when things are working well and when they’re not—and they know why.

But legacy systems, incompatible applications, and paper-driven processes slow them down.

If finance staff could eliminate these manual and repetitive tasks, they could spend more time on tasks that add more value.

of finance work can be automated, improving AP cycle time, accuracy, compliance, and supplier experience.

Software robots are ideally suited for transaction processing, accounting operations, and compliance work. It doesn’t matter how tedious or repetitive the tasks are. Robots can complete detailed work quickly and accurately. Automation software can even help identify which processes to automate for the biggest impact.
RPA can turn your staff from reactive task-doers to advisors planning for the future.
Mimicking human actions like clicking, typing, and moving between windows, robot process automation (RPA) easily takes over the low value work that consumes time, energy and cost you money. Eliminating those tasks fress up employees to focus on the strategic work that adds value to the entire business.
Automate across your existing applications...
  • ERP-SAP, Oracle, Netsuite, etc.
  • In-house fintech systems
  • Email
  • Excel/Power Point
and see rapid time-to-value:
  • Be live in weeks, not moths.
  • Keep your existing technology.
  • Scale easily as your business evolves.
  • Reduce fraud and improve your overall security posture.
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